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Mike Borghs
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Redeemed, moniker of Dutch singer-songwriter Marijn te Flierhaar, revolves around an honest heart, and the process of getting a grasp of the way the world works. The songs go deeper than usual and have no lack of melancholy or euphoria.

The songs vary from soft piano/guitar ballads and minimalist acoustic folk to explosive post-rock. Redeemed is atmospheric, compelling and arouses curiosity among the listeners about the mystery that is involved.

In 2018, the 24th of January, The Healing Streams, Redeemed’s debut-album was released. The response became the take-off for Redeemed. That same year, Redeemed released its follow-up single I Could See It All in June of 2018.

The 28th of November in 2018 marked the release of a new EP entitled “Linger”. Consisting of five songs ranging from a soft piano ballad named Boundaryless to dramatic rock climaxes found in The Unforeseen Dream.


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