Mike Borghs
+31 6 40 34 06 88

Ray broke out of an office life in 2008 to play and write music full time and to find his own sound. “Limited” by odd hands and fingers that struggle to hold many regular chords, Ray’s songwriting strips guitar to it’s bare essentials with lots of open strings, adapted
chord shapes and plenty of space for his vocals to shine. He quotes influences such as Bon Iver, Radiohead, NoeI Gallagher, John Lennon, David Bowie, Jarvis Cocker, Elbow; though he is not a copy of any of these… he simply is his own man.

His successes included hundreds of shows around Europe for up to 5000 people, 2 albums with former band, The Roads (winners of RGM Live Space 2009), 2 solo records; performances on live TV and radio in CZ, DE and also BBC radio UK. Ray performs with a cellist for intimate 2-man shows in clubs and festivals and occasionally with a full rock band.


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