Mike Borghs
+31 6 40 34 06 88

JOIN THE CULT! They are still out there. The bands that play free from expectations, be it genres or commercial success, who are only themselves at any time and you get the feeling to hold something unique in your hands. HIPPIE TRIM are not trying to meet anyone’s expectations by trying to sound or look like someone else. They are preserving themselves the right to exclusively do what they like and in this way they are recognizable at any time – although in the output the influences, creativity and madness might melt into one another. But is it ok to categorize HIPPIE TRIM? Of course, do what you want – this is what it’s all about! You like to sit on a horse while playing bass (see the clip for ‘Supersonic’)? Do it! You like to get a free tattoo without thinking about the consequences for too long? Come and visit the first HIPPIE TRIM Gathering!


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