Mike Borghs
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Much like close friends, we lean on records when we need them. They comfort us, console us, change our moods, and cheer us up. In similar fashion, The BRKN will be there for you. The Denver trio—Jacob Cade [vocals, guitar], Mike Bokenkamp [drums], and MJ Younkers [guitar]—wrap energetic pop in warm synths, straddling punk, alternative, indie rock, and electronic all at once. At the same time, ponderous and poignant lyrics seamlessly tie the vision together. After independently amassing hundreds of thousands of streams and receiving acclaim from American Songwriter, New Noise Magazine, and more, the band issue an invitation on their 2021 independent EP, Come Outside.

“We want you to know we’re going through the same things you are, and we’re your friends from far away,” exclaims Jacob. “I’m so passionate about music because it’s the only thing that made me feel less alone. When you’re sad or alienated, music will be there.”

As the story goes, Jacob and Mike originally met in church. Jamming together in worship group, they bonded over not just music, but skating as well. Jacob initially made a name for himself with a series of solo releases as he played on stacked festival bills and collaborated with the likes of Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger in the studio. The BRKN came to life on the 2020 No. 3 EP. Among numerous fan favorites, “Your Existence” amassed over 129K Spotify streams. As the world went into quarantine, The BRKN kicked into high gear. Stuck at home and afforded the time to experiment, the three-piece stretched the boundaries of their signature style. Nodding to influences such as Prince, Michael Jackson, and The 1975, they seamlessly integrated synths into their sonic palette as they worked out of Jacob’s cozy bedroom studio.


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